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5100, boul. Saint-Laurent
Montréal Qc H2T 1R8
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Temporary closing of the museum

The museum will be temporarily closed and relocate soon.


    Would you like to become a member !

    The first qualities to be part of our team is to have the profession of firefighter and its history at heart.

    We are looking for dedicated people who meet one or more of the criteria below;

    • Be 18 years old and over *
    • Have a valid driving license of class 5, 4A, 4B, 3, 2 ou 1*,
    • Live in the Metropolitan Community of Montreal *,
    • Have great availability (available day by week is an asset),
    • Have an interest in the history of the fire department in Montreal,
    • Have an interest in the restoration of antique vehicles,
    • Participate in socio-community activities,
    • Have first aid training.

    If you recognize yourself among these criteria, we invite you to complete the application form below and we will contact you.

    * The criteria marked with an asterisk must be answered to proceed with an application request

      Identification of applicant

      Identification of employer


      What type of job would you prefer?

      Regular Member
      1. Participate in the restoration of antique vehicles;
      2. Be at the museum for housework, training and other duties;
      3. Offer your availability for visits of the museum by the public, on Sundays;
      4. Help support operations on intervention sites.
      Associate Member
      1. Participate in the restoration of antique vehicles;
      AND / OR
      2. Be at the museum for housework, and offer your availability for visitors at the museum and
      other duties.



      Do you consent to an investigation of your reputation? The gathered information will be kept in all
      confidentiality by the Auxiliary Firefighters of Montreal.

      I authorize the Auxiliary Firefighters of Montreal to use the videos, portrait or visually photographed
      image of myself for specific purposes of use and publication in printed or electronic documents, books,
      brochures, corporate documents, promotional tools, magazines, newsletters, website, Facebook page
      and other similar documents, year after year, in a professional setting.
      Should you be accepted as a member of the Auxiliary Firefighters of Montreal, you would be required to
      be available for voluntary service, without pay or other remuneration.



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